Equal Opportunity Policy

The team at Allcott Associates are dedicated to providing equal opportunities both within and outside the organisation.

This commitment goes beyond the following:

  • The Race Relations Act 1976
  • The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and 1986
  • The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  • The Equal Pay Act 1970
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995
  • The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003
  • The Employment Equality (Relief and Belief) Regulations 2003.

These policies are always adhered to. This ensures that all opportunities are available equally.

To meet these regulations we:

  • nominate a board member and a member of the Allcott Associates staff to have a specific responsibility for equal opportunity issues
  • continually promote equal opportunities throughout the organisation
  • are aware of the equal opportunities issues to increase development and support practices in the local area.
  • Our development needs can be structured on different levels, either organisation or team or at an individual level.
  • At a team level we arrange bi-monthly reviews of business objectives, plus bi-monthly reviews of training and development progress and twice a year we will give all staff feedback about each review.



We will carry out regular reviews of teams and offer individual support for employees who need guidance with their development by planning activities throughout the year.

Recruitment and employee Selection

We recruit publically and encourage applications from all suitably qualified experienced people. In all advertising we state our equal opportunity objectives. We keep records of all applications and interviews which will be monitored to allow an equal measure has been used to find the right candidate.

Finally, we make sure that all staff involved in the interviewing process understand our equal opportunities.

Staff Training and Development

Progression is an important part of our company and we give an equal opportunity to all employees. Staff are encouraged to take advantage of our training options.

Terms and Conditions

We ensure that no employee will receive negative terms and conditions on the basis of their age or gender, race or disability or membership of another minority group.

Leaving Interviews

We will always interview staff that have decided to leave; this is to ensure that discrimination has not been an issue or a factor in their decision to leave. Grievance issues

Any employee who feels that they have been adversely treated due to their gender, race, disability or any other grouping should make use out of our grievance procedure.

Staff Inductions

When we welcome a new member of staff to our team we think it’s important to have an induction period, just to help them settle in. All new employees will receive health and safety training which will be specific to their role. They will also learn about the company’s structure and our policies and procedures.

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