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Small Industrial Unit Schedule of Condition: Case Study

Allcott Commercial’s team of commercial property surveyors specialise in photographic schedules of condition.

Brief: Photographic schedule of condition for a tenant hoping to secure a lease on a small industrial unit in Coventry.

Property: Single storey industrial unit set on an industrial estate.

Instructed by: A client in the automotive industry.

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Project specification

  • The client instructed a schedule of condition survey prior to taking on a lease for a small industrial unit on an industrial estate in Coventry.
  • The property was going to be used for research and development in the automotive industry.
  • The client was keen to move into the property as soon as possible. We were able to draw on our large team of surveyors to arrange a schedule of condition within a short time period, getting the report out to the client the day after inspection.
  • The schedule of condition was been prepared to limit the liability of the tenant for items of dilapidation under the terms of a proposed lease between the landlord and the tenant of the premises.
  • The schedule records the internal arrangement of the demised property together with the condition of the property in relation to the obligations on the part of the tenant:
    1. not to alter the property without consent
    2. to redecorate the demised property
    3. to repair the demised property
    4. to yield up the property in repair and with all tenant’s fixtures and fittings removed
schedule of condition for tenant
schedule of condition industrial unit
schedule of condition pre-lease

Key survey findings

  • Our surveyor recorded 85 photographs detailing items of disrepair externally, and 77 internally.
  • External notes included:
    • the brickwork was in a largely satisfactory condition
    • recent redecoration of cladding
    • cut edge corrosion and complete deterioration of the roof sheets’ protective finish
    • joint distortion to the guttering
    • tree-root damage to macadam finishes
    • substantially damaged main entrance door
    • deterioration of paint finishes.
  • Internal observations included:
    • several areas were recently redecorated to a good standard
    • damage to laminate finishes, corrosion on steelworks, damaged plasterwork
    • cracking of floor slabs and blockwork, with detailed notes on previous repointing and damage since
    • stained rooflights
    • damage to ceilings resulting from previous water ingress.
  • The comprehensive photographic schedule with detailed explanatory notes allowed the tenant to take on the lease in the full knowledge of the condition of the property and their obligations at the end of the tenancy. It will also protect them from unfair or exaggerated claims when dilapidations are issued at the end of the lease term.

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