It’s important to take dilapidation survey’s seriously, whether you are a landlord, tenant or work in the commercial sector – you can rely on us to help you out with whatever your dilapidation issues are.

Having a dilapidations survey provided by Allcott’s can save you thousands of pounds compared to having the survey carried out by someone who is less skilled in the area.

The success of the survey is all down to the skill and knowledge of the surveyor and at Allcott’s we only provide surveyors of an excellent standard.

If you decide to have dilapidation surveyor that is relatively inexperienced, or is good with his technical ability but not so good with his communication and word of mouth skills then you could find yourself losing money at the end of the lease term.

No one likes to be out of pocket, that’s where we help – we keep that money in your pocket, where it belongs.

Dilapidation Surveys for Tenants

Commercially, your building lease will usually contain a clause that states that you vacate the property in a similar state to when you first occupied it.

Most tenants are aware of their responsibility whilst staying in the property and understand that the maintenance of the property is strictly adhered to. The issue is, whenever there is a contract there is always the margin for disagreement and that is where Allcott Associates can help, by working with you and acting on your behalf regarding any dilapidation claim.

Our chartered building surveyors firstly make an assessment of the property, and then advise you on the credibility of the landlord’s claim ensuring that only matters that are your responsibility are included.

A dilapidation claim is as much a legal issue as a cost and repair issue. It’s important to make sure you do things accordingly – a long legal claim can be difficult on our clients; we make sure the whole process goes smoothly and we do our best to save you from a costly and unnecessary legal nuisance.

Unfortunately, landlords and tenants often go head to head in legal battle which is totally unneeded. We feel that some decisive straight talking is all that needs to be done in order to settle the claim easily.

Dilapidation Surveys for Landlords

We not only look after tenants, we provide the same flawless service for landlords who need our assistance.

We carry the same ethos for our clients who are landlords, experienced and hard working surveyors take on your dilapidation survey.

In short, when we conduct dilapidation surveys we:

  • Carry out a detailed inspection
  • Quantify and cost the likely repairs
  • Negotiate effectively for you with your tenants’ representatives to reach a settlement
  • Prepare a schedule

So if you are in need of a dilapidation survey, whether you are a tenant or a landlord our approach is a friendly and effective one. We aim to negotiate with both parties and offer a quick solution.

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