Commercial Structural Design & Calculations:
Roof Calculations

PV Panel Structural Calculations

For PV Panels, Green Roofs and Plant Machinery

Structural roof loading calculations are an integral step when making alterations such as PV panel installation, when adding substrate, vegetation and drainage systems to create living roofs, and when installing new plant machinery.

Your structural engineer will assess the load capacity of the roof and provide calculations for building and planning control purposes. They will also consider the suitability of the roof system, looking at pitch, height, access, climate and build quality. Our structural engineers are experts at inspecting structural security of existing roof structures – all aspects will be assessed, including purlins, trusses, joists etc. Existing structural damage will be reviewed and documented, and the remaining roof lifespan discussed.

Furthermore, our structural engineers are on hand to offer tailored advice on the impact of structural integrity and measures required to strengthen the roof structure. They will support planning submissions from inception to completion and can also provide project management support, working closely with contractors and monitoring quality throughout the build process.

Structural Roof Design & Calculations: Case Studies

Structural Engineer PV calculations and design

Works: Our engineer carried out PV calculations for retro-installation of panels.

Property: 12 schools across the south of England.

Instructed by: Solar panel firm.

PV panel assessment

PV Panel Installation Load Assessment


Works: Our engineer assess feasibility for PV panel installation on two roofs.

Property: Large commercial property.

Instructed by: Renewable energy provider.

PV panel installation

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