Structural engineering services

Structural engineer roof calculations

Allcott Commercial’s structural engineers provide services across all types of commercial buildings.
Whether your property is a large retail outlet, individual shop unit, a commercial office block, a council leisure centre, school or a listed building, we can help.

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Our structural engineers are experienced at assessing existing commercial buildings and critically evaluating the structural impact of changes such as extensions, alterations and change of use.
We help clients avoid delays and unexpected costs by identifying issues and finding solutions before works are underway.

Structural feasibility study

Our roof structure calculations and steel structural element designs consider load capacity and structural integrity ahead of alteration works such as retro-installations of photovoltaic (PV) panels, green roofs and plant machinery.
We do more than simply calculating the increase in load and stress on the roof. Our engineers consider not only the roof itself, but also the whole building as a supporting structure.

PV Panel Structural Calculations

We assign a structural engineer to Specific Structural Inspections that require detailed structural investigations.
These include bowing walls, structural movement, cracking/subsidence investigations, calculations for load capacity and beams, flood damage investigations, assessing structural alterations and roof or chimney assessments.

Specific Structural Investigation

We design portal frame steel work and foundations for equine and farm use, factories and industrial units.
Our chartered structural engineers can advise you on all aspects of the design and build, including mezzanine floors, staircases and storage solutions appropriate for the structure and its usage.

Portal frame design

Our structural engineers conduct site visits to check loadings and always consider the removal of supporting structures, such as columns and beams. The installation of any new steelworks/beams is considered in the context of the entire building.
We then put together all the documentation required for submission to building control, including both structural steel calculations and structural designs.

Commercial beam design

Our engineers’ expertise, which is drawn from reviewing multiple construction projects of a wide range of type and scale, means they are ideally placed to monitor build quality from the start of a project through to completion.
They are available at short notice and conduct regular construction quality assurance inspections to make sure that any deviations from specification are identified and reviewed early.

Construction quality assurance

We carry out independent technical design reviews of planned alterations against industry standards. Our structural engineers are experienced in a variety of alterations, from large-scale changes such as adding in mezzanine floors, to smaller projects such as installing glass screens and changing balustrades, disability works such as widening openings, lift installations and similar alterations.

Structural Design Review

Allcott Commercial’s experienced structural engineers can undertake structural due diligence inspections across the UK, benchmarking against and industry standards and any client specific requirements.
We will identify any deficiencies and ensure you have the information you need to enable you to comply with your required protocols.

Structural due diligence

Structural Engineers covering the Midlands and beyond

While our head office hub is in the Midlands, our structural engineers have experience working across England and Wales on a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from design review work for shopping malls to mezzanine floors for leisure centres and from quality assurance for new builds to specific structural investigations on period properties. Whatever your requirements, you can contact our team for detailed advice and a bespoke, tailored quote.

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