Structural Steel Elements and Beams: Calculations & Structural Designs

Structural design mezzanine floor

For mezzanines, portal frames, internal wall removals
and other structural works

Whether you are working on a large portal frame construction, installing a new mezzanine floor, altering the layout of your property or simply removing an internal wall, our structural engineers will provide a tailored, comprehensive steel beam design and calculations service.

Allcott Commercial’s structural engineers have extensive experience across a wide range of commercial projects and property types. From higher education, commercial, retail and agriculture to residential property portfolios, we have worked across almost every sector. In addition to steel beam designs for portal frames, mezzanines, residential structures, staircases and balustrades, we offer timber frame and concrete design, feasibility studies and design reviews.

Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of the properties of the various materials that go into a building’s structure, and have excellent insight into how alterations and structural additions affect the existing building. We never look at a structural change in isolation, but instead always consider it in the context of surrounding structures. Wherever possible, our engineers will provide several potential solutions for the engineering problem and will discuss the pros and cons of each.

Our beam designs and calculations are performed with building control in mind, and our reports are intended to be used as part of building regulation applications. Furthermore, our engineers are available to respond to any queries that a building control officer has about the designs.

Structural Steel Design & Calculations: Case Studies

Mezzanine Design

Works: Design a mezzanine and supporting steelworks for the addition of a data centre above an existing building.

Property: Working leisure premises.

Instructed by: Multimedia firm.

structural elements design

Structural Steelwork Design for Patio Reconstruction

Works: Produce structural designs and calculations for the reconstruction and repair of a patio that was suffering subsidence and sliding into the adjacent canal.

Property: Block of flats.

Instructed by: Residential property management firm.

Structural Engineer Designs Reconstruction

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