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Independent Structural Design Review

Our chartered structural engineers carry out structural design reviews for all types of proposed alterations to commercial properties.

Whether you have received a proposed design from a contractor you have instructed, or you are a landlord receiving alteration plans from a tenant, our structural engineers will provide peace of mind. We carry out thorough, independent reviews of proposed works, checking all designs and calculations against industry standards.

Our structural engineers use their expertise with a broad range of structural works to provide a peer review that gives reassurance and confidence to our clients. From large projects such as the installation of mezzanine floors and lift systems, to smaller-scale works like adapting stairways, widening openings and installing balustrades, our engineers can help.

Our extensive experience means that in addition to reviewing plans against standard industry practices, we are also able to offer expert advice on the optimal specifications and designs for the alterations planned. By doing this, we frequently save our clients time and money and, most importantly, we ensure that the structural designs meet highest standards of safety and structural integrity.

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Structural Design Review: Case studies

Structural alterations to a church balcony

Works: Replacing the wooden balcony balustrade with a new one comprised of steel and glass

Property: Church building, Oxford

Instructed by: Church minister

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Church structural engineer assessment

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