Commercial Building Surveys

The acquisition of property for either occupation or investment purposes requires careful thought by the prospective owner or tenant.

Allcott Commercial Building Surveying offer services ranging from technical due diligence to stock condition surveys for industrial, commercial, hotel, leisure, retail and residential portfolios. Our surveys allow our clients to make an informed investment decision, having considered the risks and cost implications associated with committing to a purchase or tenancy agreement.

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Pre-Acquisition Surveys

Whether you are planning to buy or lease a small industrial unit, large warehouse, office building, shop or shopping mall, a pre-acquisition survey is strongly advised. A pre-acquisition survey by our RICS chartered surveyors will tell you what condition the property is in, whether it is structurally sound, what repairs and liabilities are attached to it and whether specialist investigations need to be carried out. The report will contain details of costs for the more substantial items of repair and maintenance.

Condition Surveys

Condition surveys are often carried out when someone wants to get a thorough understanding of the current state of a property, the repairs and maintenance that will be required in the short, medium and long terms, and budgets for these works. Condition surveys are often used to inform Planned Preventive Maintenance Schedules (PPMs), which itemise all major items of work and required budgets over a set timeframe. PPMs often cover the next 10–15 years.

Specific Structural Inspections

Our in-house structural engineers and chartered surveyors undertake specific structural inspections either before or during occupation of a commercial building. These are carried out to assess specific issues or potential issues with a commercial property. Examples include subsidence investigations, load capacity calculations, flood damage surveys and roof or chimney assessments.

Stock condition surveys

Stock condition surveys are a series of building surveys carried out for clients with numerous properties in their portfolio. Examples include housing associations, school associations, healthcare providers, councils and other public organisations. Because the surveyor has an understanding of client’s objectives, the reports are tailored and highly relevant to the client’s strategy.

Schedules of Condition

Schedules of condition use comprehensive photos and descriptive text to provide a detailed and accurate record of the precise condition of a building. They are used to demonstrate the condition of a property at the start of a period of time, such as at the start of a lease or prior to major structural works starting. Post completion of the works or at the end of the lease, the schedule of condition can be referred to and relied upon to provide clear evidence on the original condition of the property.


A schedule of dilapidations is typically served either at the end of a lease or during a tenancy. It reports the condition and state of repair of the leased property, with reference to the lease covenant and the tenant’s responsibility for repair and upkeep.

Allcott Commercial has extensive experience in Landlord and Tenant matters both during and at the end of the lease term.

Technical due diligence

It can be advisable to instruct a structural/technical due diligence (TDD) inspection in addition to, or as part of, a pre-acquisition survey. TDDs are systematic structural audits, covering all aspects for a building’s structure, from construction quality to current defects and potential structural problems. A TDD inspection provides important protection if you are going to be liable for the costs of repairing any structural defects. It is therefore particularly relevant if you are buying a property, or if you are taking on a full-repairing lease.

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