Structural & Technical Due Diligence

Structural due diligence

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

Do I need a Structural & Technical Due Diligence Inspection?

Technical due diligence inspections are normally carried out for investors and vendors before a property transaction takes place, to ensure that the risks and liabilities associated with the property’s structure are fully understood. Many organisations also require periodic structural audits to be undertaken of their buildings and estates to inform programmes of maintenance.


What is a Technical Due Diligence Inspection?

Technical due diligence inspections (also known as Structural Due Diligence Inspections) are a systematic assessment of a building’s structure, covering aspects such as construction and design quality, its compliance with building regulations and standards, the condition of the building and whether it’s been well maintained, and whether the building or its materials may be hazardous. The report may also comment on whether the property is suitable for its intended use.

Our structural engineers have a detailed knowledge of a vast range of building structures and work with organisations across all sectors, to ensure their buildings are structurally safe. Where we identify defects or potential problems, we will provide a detailed report, with photographic evidence, and guidance for remedial action to enable preventative maintenance to be planned.

Unplanned downtime or delays are amongst the biggest fears for any business, particularly in the manufacturing industry, where a halt in production can have a significant impact on the business.


Allcott Commercial’s Structural Due Diligence Inspections

We can provide one-off site visits or a regular schedule of structural audits for more complicated building or engineering projects.

Structural inspections are undertaken by experienced and qualified structural engineers who are Members of the Institute of Structural Engineers (MIStructE) or Institution of Civil Engineers (MICE). We review existing structures for structural defects and compliance with building standards and any specific requirements that you might have. Previous repairs are comprehensively examined to ensure that they were done to the appropriate specification. Structural integrity, standard of workmanship, opportunities for development, limitations of the existing structure or structures, feasibility of planned works and impact of service installations (e.g. air conditioning) are all considered.

The strong partnership between our structural engineers and our chartered surveyors means that all aspects of a commercial property are investigated. We offer a complete, bespoke pre-acquisition service tailored to each individual client.

Our structural due diligence inspection can be tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.  The findings of all structural audits are presented in a detailed report that includes an assessment of the current condition and suggestions for appropriate repairs and remedial measures


Remedial Works

Once we’ve undertaken the Structural Due Diligence inspections, depending on the findings and recommendations, remedial works may be required. This may include repair, strengthening of structural elements or replacement of damaged or faulty components.

Allcott Commercial can provide follow-up services such as structural analysis, deflection/movement assessment, and follow up inspections during / after the remedial works have been completed.


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