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Contract Administration

Allcott Commercial’s team includes chartered RICS surveyors with expertise in all aspects of contract administration, from investigative surveys and feasibility assessments right through to overseeing completion of the works.

Our chartered project management surveyors work together with our structural engineers to closely manage your project, ensuring that construction is well-planned, well-executed and completed on time without extra hidden costs.

By helping to ensure that building, refurbishment, repair and reinstatement works stay on schedule and on budget, we make the process of getting businesses and properties up and running as smooth as possible.

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Contract administration

Our team

  • Whether you are looking to refurbish a property, start a new project or upgrade the energy efficiency of your building, our team of chartered surveyors and structural engineers have the expertise needed to ensure that your project runs smoothly and is delivered to the highest standard.
  • Unlike other contract administration firms, we have in-house chartered structural engineers, who work closely with our surveyors to provide comprehensive assessments of defects, detailed specifications of the works required and expert advice on the optimal methods of construction.
  • As well as being experts in contract admin, our surveyors frequently work on dilapidations and are experienced in legal matters, meaning they are able to advise on how works relate to the lease covenant.
  • Our surveyors are used to working closely with third parties, such as loss adjusters and organisations like the NHBC, to ensure successful resolution of claims and minimise the impact on businesses and homes. 
contract administration site inspection surveyors

Our process

  • Following on from the initial feasibility assessments and SOW preparations, we support our clients throughout the entire project pathway. We manage the competitive tendering process for our clients, often utilising our network of tested and trusted suppliers.
    • We make sure that we put in the preliminary work to get the specifications as accurate as possible, so that there are no hidden costs down the line.
    • We use this knowledge to scrutinize every item on the tenders, checking that the proposals are both feasible and cost-effective.
  • Once works begin, our site visits are done by chartered project management surveyors and structural engineers with expertise in the particular works being carried out. This ensures that any unforseen issues are identified early and rectified quickly, and that the project is managed accurately and professionally.
  • Any variations are carefully assessed, and potential cost-savings investigated so that they can be passed onto our clients.
  • Our extensive experience of contract admin work means that we know how to develop optimal working relationships with the contractors. We understand the importance of keeping everyone in the project team up-to-date and satisfied with the progress and process.
    • We are the first point of contact for contractor queries, meaning that our clients can relax knowing that any issues are being dealt with in their best interests.
Warehouse fit out contract admin

Contract administration: Case Studies

Energy efficiency improvement and refurbishment

Works: Contract administration of the alteration and refurbishment of warehouse spaces, to improve energy efficiency in line with MEES regulations, and add office space and a mezzanine.

Property: To large industrial units.

Instructed by: Building owner.

PV panels warehouse

Warehouse refurbishment and fit-out

Works: Act as contract administrators for the refurbishment of a warehouse, to be fitted out with a mezzanine, office space and communal areas.

Property: 22,000 sq. ft new warehouse development in Birmingham.

Instructed by: A repeat client.

image of warehouse from contract administration job

Repair works across five-storey flats

Works: Conduct specific structural investigations into severe cracking, produce project specifications and provide contract administration for the works.

Property: Town-centre blocks of flats.

Instructed by: Property management company.

Contract administration site

Contract administration for school structural alterations

Works: Structural engineer to assess potential removal of a wall between two classrooms. Specification and contract administration of the building works.

Property: School in the West Midlands.

Instructed by: Bursar of the school.

School alterations contract admin

Flood, fire and subsidence reinstatement

Flood damage reinstatement

  • Drying out the property can take several weeks, depending on the type of construction and materials used. Allcott Commercial proactively use this time to conduct competitive tendering and secure contractors for flood damage reinstatement. We project manage the process and set up schedules that stakeholders and review and agree upon before works start.
  • Damage is most common to the ground floor, but can have far-reaching consequences. In addition to cosmetic issues, plaster and joinery are commonly affected. Electrics can be affected throughout the property. If properties contain asbestos, whether in wall insulation, joinery or in internal fittings such as vinyl tiles, additional management measures will be required during remedial works.
  • We organise specialist decontamination to remove the hazardous residue left by flood water. We make sure that the health and safety of property owners and contractors are protected at all times.
Flood damage reinstatement survey

Fire damage reinstatement

  • The effects of fire can range from smoke and water damage, to complete destruction of a building.
  • In addition to thorough commercial cleaning, redecoration and careful disposal of damaged materials, extensive rewiring is frequently required.
  • We understand the importance of completely works in a timely manner to minimise the need to close business or house people in temporary accommodation.
  • Reinstatement can be even more complex if the property contains specialist fittings, asbestos or is a thatched or listed building. The shared expertise of our nationwide team means that whatever the problem, we have experienced surveyors who are equipped to manage any situation.
Fire damage reinstatement survey

Subsidence reinstatement

  • Subsidence is the sinking or collapsing of a building’s foundations, caused by movement of the ground beneath them.
  • The immediate priority is to make the building safe; temporary shoring is often used before complex works can be carried out.
  • Our surveyors and structural engineers work together to investigate the cause and extent of movement. We also assess whether or not there is a risk of further damage to the building. We examine not only cracks and fractures, but also the foundations themselves and surrounding ground, to gain a full understanding of the issues present.
  • If mitigation to prevent further movement is not appropriate, reinstatement works commonly include underpinning. We also project manage remedial works to the building structure, whether this involves repairing cracks or a full rebuild.
Subsidence reinstatement

Fire, flood and subsidence reinstatement: Case Studies

Fire Damage Reinstatement Works

Works: Provide contract administration for repairs to a property damaged by fire.

Property: Two-storey commercial property with a restaurant on the ground floor and welfare facilities on the second storey.

Instructed by: Loss adjustment firm.

Fire damage reinstatement survey

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