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Stock Condition Surveys

If you own or manage a large number of properties, understanding the condition, repair and maintenance needs across your portfolio can be challenging.

We regularly carry out stock condition survey series for housing associations, retail groups, educational bodies and other nationwide property owners.

Because we spend time getting to know our clients’ requirements, we can tailor reports and accompanying cost schedules to their needs.

These surveys cover each major element of each property, summarising their condition and highlighting items of concern. We frequently help clients align works with their budgets by spreading costs according to which works are the most urgent, and by explaining what can be repaired at a later date.

Our stock condition surveys

Allcott Commercial carries out stock survey series for a range of clients, in sectors including social housing, retail, charity and local authority.

As an RICS regulated firm, all of our surveys are carreid out in accordance with RICS guidance. Our condition surveys follow RICS guidance note ‘Surveying Assets in the Built Environment’.

Our surveys comprise detailed inspections of building extent, construction and location, and detailed assessments of the internal and external condition and structure of the property, along with comprehensive photographs. Drones and cameral poles are used to assess the condition of the roofs.

Adequacy of health and safety measures and physical accessibility will be assessed against current standards, such as BS 8300, throughout each property. Our surveys include advice on current fire safety legislation and provide recommendations on fire escape provision, fire detection systems and fire proofing.

Our stock condition reports

Our reports are designed so that they are consistent across the property series. Whether the properties are council housing stock, retail units or industrial buildings, we tailor the reports to each clients’ needs. Often, we produce a series of reports that can be reviewed individually, alongside an executive summary highlighting the main findings across all units.

For more complex data sets, such as PPMs, tools such as interactive dashboards mean that our clients can view data for individual sites or groups of properties at the touch of a button. Defects can also be filtered according to urgency or cost.

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Our commercial stock surveyors

Our stock condition surveyors all chartered with the RICS and/or CIOB, and have over 7 years of PQE, and DBS clearance.

The team is experienced in working with clients across a range of sectors. Survey assessments are treated as sensitive, and findings are not discussed on site, unless this has been pre-authorised.

Our administration team is similarly experienced. The carefully liaise with property owners and managers to minimise disruption when on site. Our surveyors are used to working with the responsible person for a site, and understand the importance of getting their authorisation for access.

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Condition Survey: Case studies

Our team regularly carries out stock condition series on a range of property types, from housing portfolios to retail premises.

Brief: Surveys for housing associations, local authorities, charities and retrofitters.

Property: Homes across the UK.

Instructed by: Various.

Brief: Carry out condition surveys to identify repairs required, and provide budget estimates and timescales for those repairs.

Property: Approximately 100 members clubs across the UK.

Instructed by: A nationwide organisation.

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