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Stock Condition Survey Series Across the UK: Case Study

Brief: Carry out stock condition surveys of a nationwide series of properties to inform budgets and timescales for repairs and maintenance.

Property: Approx. 100 members clubs across the UK, from Shetland to Penzance.

Instructed by: The Royal Air Force Club.

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Project specification

  • We carried out building condition surveys for each property.
  • The surveys comprised detailed inspections external and internal elements, and the production of reports summarising the condition of each major element of the building.
  • Comprehensive photographs were included throughout each report, with camera poles and drones used to view areas that were not easily accessible.
  • Estimated costs, along with prioritisation of the works, were provided for each property, along with a summary of total works required across the property portfolio.
Stock Condition Surveys 5

Key points

  • Properties ranged from modern builds to admin offices and converted residential terraces.
  • We utilised our nationwide team, allocating surveys to the surveyors closest to the properties. This expedited the process and made use of their local knowledge.
  • We developed a specific pro forma to ensure that survey reports were consistent. We also held regular catch ups to keep processes in line across our team, resulting in a uniform surveying approach and straightforward reports that were easy to interpret and action.
  • Our administration team were also fully briefed on the project and were always available for liaison with the property managers to efficiently arrange access.
  • Using a sizeable team on the project also allowed us to flex when the client required us to change plans at short notice and re-prioritise works.
Stock Condition Surveys 4
Stock Condition Surveys 3

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