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Commercial Condition Surveys

With a surveying team that includes specialists in historic buildings, council properties and new-build industrial structures, we have the in-house capabilities necessary to expertly assess the condition of properties of all types and ages.

Condition surveys comprise detailed inspections of building extent, construction and location, assessments of the internal and external condition and structure of the property.
Condition surveys can be carried out on an individual building or on a series of stock. We often use the surveys to put together a planned preventive maintenance (PPM) programme, allowing our clients to budget and prepare for repairs and maintenance over the coming years.

A condition survey from Allcott Commercial: what to expect

Our building surveys are carried out in accordance with RICS, BCIS and the current version of the NRM. Furthermore, Allcotts is an RICS regulated practice (firm number: 720773). 

Our surveys comprise inspections of building extent, construction and location, and assessments of the internal and external condition and structure of the property, along with comprehensive photographs. We have the use of a rising camera pole extending to 8m and where possible, we will utilize a drone for high level inspections.

Your condition survey report includes any required repairs and maintenance in the immediate, short, medium and long term. Tasks are prioritized and estimated budgets are provided. We can also prepare a building maintenance schedule, if required.

Our surveys also include information on any deleterious or harmful materials (e.g. asbestos and RAAC) that were identified, advice on legal compliance issues, consideration of environmental hazards and advice on whether specialist investigations such as drainage surveys or land contamination assessments, need to be carried out.

Our condition surveys can also be used to support applications for funding for building works. For example, schools can use the reports support bids for grants from the government’s Condition Improvement Fund.

Stock condition series and planned preventative maintenance

If you own or manage a property portfolio, staying abreast of the condition of the properties and forecasting the costs of repairs and maintenance is vital. Our surveyors regularly support clients from retail, housing, charity and local authority sectors with stock condition surveys and planned preventative maintenance schedules. This ensures our clients and the people using their properties get the best out of them.

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Condition Survey: Case studies

Our team regularly carries out condition surveys on a range of commercial properties, from listed educational buildings to retail premises and places of worship.

Brief: Building condition surveys of a series of campus buildings at an educational site in Oxfordshire.

Property: A three-storey campus building dating from the Victorian era, alongside a detached office and training facility, also dating from the late 1800s.

Instructed by: Campus professor.

Campus surveys

Brief: Carry out condition surveys to identify required repairs; provide budgets and timescales for those repairs.

Property: Approximately 100 members clubs spread across the UK.

Instructed by: A nationwide organisation.

Stock Condition Surveys 2

Brief: Inspect the external and internal aspects of the roof to assess its condition and requirements for repairs and maintenance.

Property: Primary school building.

Instructed by: School Manager.

Brief: Conduct a detailed building survey to identify issues and defects, and support budgeting for planned preventive maintenance.

Property: College building and chapel on a university campus.

Instructed by: Trustee.

University hall condition survey

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Alternatively, Allcott Commercial provides surveying services for housing associations and other residential property owners.

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