Structural Feasibility Studies by Chartered Structural Engineers

Structural Feasibility Studies

If you are considering alterations or extensions to your property, or changing its use, an in-depth insight into the structural implications is crucial. Our structural engineers provide feasibility studies to determine your options and advise on the most efficient way to proceed.

Whether you are extending a property upwards or outwards, reconfiguring the layout, moving structures such as stairways and balustrades, or adding a mezzanine, a structural feasibility report will allow to you progress your project in the confidence that all the implications have been identified and any risks have been mitigated.

Our structural feasibility reports identify any engineering factors that need to be considered if your project is to be completed safely and successfully. Factors such as cost, timescales, how the alterations will look and how much disruption the works will cause can all be taken into account. In addition, the structural engineer will consider the impact of the works on existing structures and neighbouring properties, and will advise if conservation area restrictions or listed building legislation need to be considered.

Allcott Commercial’s structural engineers have experience in carrying out feasibility studies across a broad range of commercial property types. Furthermore, their extensive experience in other areas of structural engineering gives them keen insight and allows them to provide creative solutions for structural problems. You can therefore be sure that the recommendations put forward in the feasibility report will be thoroughly researched, and the advantages and disadvantages of each structural option will be comprehensively evaluated.

Structural Feasibility Reports: Case Studies

Extensive alterations to a Birmingham office space

Works: Alterations to roof truss, relocation of stair and creation of a partial mezzanine.

Property: Office building in central Birmingham.

Instructed by: Marketing agency.

Structural engineer mezzanine design

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