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Structural Engineer PV Calculations and Design: Case Study

Structural Engineer PV Calculations and Design for a network of schools

Works: PV calculations by a structural engineer for retro-installation of solar panels.

Property: 12 schools across in southern England.

Instructed by: PV panel company.

Roof loading calculations

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Project considerations

A key consideration when conducting works in schools is getting appropriate access.

  • To minimise any disruption to teaching we arranged to carry out the inspection during lunch hours and outside of term time.
  • we therefore arranged for the school caretakers or other senior members or staff to take us round the buildings and make sure we could access the roof spaces.
  • We also obtained appropriate clearance and permissions for the photos taken, making sure that pupils and sensitive information were not photographed.


  • Roofs were assessed inside and out for structural integrity, deformations and distortions. Suspended ceiling tiles were removed as applicable.
  • Roofs were inspected for over-boarding of an additional layer of insulation or other structural material; comments and advice reported as necessary.
  • Snow loads calculated to BS6399
  • We carried out measurements and calculations of roof timbers to check that the solar panels fitted within the acceptable loading tolerance for the roofs.
  • In most cases the solar panels did not cover the entire area; consequently, corrected cumulative load was calculated.
  • The photovoltaic panel calculations were submitted for appraisal to the senior council engineer.
  • Our structural engineers were available for any clarifications that were required; however, by working closely with our client and ensuring that the brief was clear and fully understood, these were rarely needed.

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