Legislative Compliance

Allcott Commercial - Legislative Compliance

DA Access Consultancy

Our team of disability access surveyors, led by a specialist NRAC qualified Access Consultant offer a full range of services aimed at helping our clients to understand their obligations under the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995).

We are experts in drafting personal evacuation plans for specific building occupiers and for developing egress strategies supported by accessibility statements.

For major new build schemes we provide the services of an Access Champion to ensure that the design team meet their obligations and provide a fully inclusive building.

Expert Witness/Disputes

We have several senior highly qualified staff who specialise in all areas of the construction. Each experienced in providing specific expert witness advice in and out of court when disputes occur and arbitration/ litigation become the only viable means of settlement.

Previous appointments include disputes in relation to major roofing defects, failure of tanking systems and poor workmanship.

Fire Risk Assessments

The law regarding fire safety in the UK has changed dramatically. From the 1st October 2006, new legislation came into effect bringing together all requirements for Risk Assessment and placing an increased duty upon building occupiers and employers to “manage and protect”. Allcott Commercial can help you in identifying hazards by undertaking a FRA and subsequently implementing improvement works, thereby reducing the risk of fire and any potential prosecution arising from one.

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