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Schedule of Condition: Small Industrial Unit in Oldham

Our schedules of condition are detailed and comprehensive, protecting and informing prospective tenants.

Brief: Carry out a schedule of condition, with a specific inspection of the roof.

Property: Small end-of-terrace commercial unit with first-floor office accommodation.

Instructed by: A tenant taking on a new lease.

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Project specification

  • We produced a schedule of condition (SoC), providing a record of the state of repair of the property both in writing and with photographs.
  • The client had particular concerns about the condition of the roof. We used a drone to get a full view of the roof areas and record their condition and integrity.
  • We produced a detailed and comprehensive, 365-page SoC, illustrated by over 500 photographs.
  • The SoC could then be included in the lease contract, to protect the tenant by demonstrating the condition of the property when they took the lease on. Therefore, the tenant could not be held liable for any elements that were in disrepair before the start of the lease.
schedule of condition survey oldham

Key points

  • Most of the elements were in a satisfactory (grade B; exhibiting minor deterioration) or fair (grade C; exhibiting major defects or not operating as intended) condition.
  • Our RICS surveyors have experience with a wide range of commercial buildings and projects. As well as SoC expertise, they draw on their experience of dilapidations and building surveys to produce reports that comprehensively cover all defects and aspects of property condition, so that tenants understand the condition of their property and are protected from liability at lease end.
  • Example notes included the following.
    • Roof coatings were rated as grade C. They had started to delaminate, and there was evidence of corrosion and deterioration of roof fixings.
      • The report included photos illustrating each incidence of deterioration.
    • Cladding was rated as condition grade B. Some minor surface soiling and light solar degradation were noted and photographed.
    • The main pedestrian door was rated grade C, owing to evidence of surface corrosion and damage to the ironmongery.
    • Internally, floor tiles were stained, worn, and in some places damaged and debonded (grade C).
    • Ceiling surfaces had some minor surface blemishes and we found evidence that expanding foam filler had been used in some areas.
    • The main internal walls were generally in a satisfactory condition, although incidents of cracking were noted and evidenced.
drone roof schedule of condition inspection
Schedule of condition surveyors Oldham
Oldham schedule of condition

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