Landlord and Tenant

Allcott Commercial - Landlord and Tennant

Leasehold Property

An understanding of dilapidations law is crucial to ensuring Landlords and Tenants benefit during an assessment of leasehold obligations.

Interpreting a lease and identifying liabilities can be a complex matter. Allcott Commercial Building Surveying has a wealth of professional knowledge and expertise of the acquisition, tenancy and termination phases of leases.

Our experienced, bespoke and commercially minded approach guarantees client satisfaction.

Schedules of Condition

Condition reports offer Landlords and Tenants security in limiting the liabilities linked to incoming tenants and reassurance for existing buildings which might be at risk of damage from proposed work to adjoining properties

The Allcott Commercial team appreciate the unique nature of each property and lease and subsequently the need to record schedules accurately, to work within often challenging time frames to deliver the information in a variety of forms including:

  • Ingoing schedule of condition with photographs.
  • Existing schedule of condition with photographs.
  • Film/ DVD schedule of condition.

Tenant Alterations and Landlords Consents

Unapproved alteration of a building by a leaseholder during a tenancy can lead to significantly increased obligations and financial implications on termination of a lease agreement, where a reinstatement covenant is exercised by a landlord.

We increasingly act in an advisory role on behalf of tenants and landlords to ensure that any required Licenses for Alterations, Planning/ Building Regulations approvals and Building warrants etc. are in place prior to implementation of works. We also manage the relationship and approvals process on behalf of either party and monitor works to confirm compliance with design and the quality of workmanship, significantly reducing future disputes.


Allcott Commercial specialise in both the enforcement and defence of commercial, industrial and retail dilapidations claims. We offer strategic advice on liabilities and are able to advise on appropriate tactics to be adopted towards the end of a tenancy. Our experience allows us to minimise dilapidations claims when defending a tenant and maximise settlement returns when acting on behalf of Landlord.

  • Landlord Services – Strategic portfolio reviews. Assessment, preparation and negotiation of interim and terminal dilapidations claims.
  • Tenant Services – Liability assessments, scheduling and monitoring of compliance works, defence and negotiation of interim and terminal dilapidations claims.

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