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Commercial EPC ratings: what you need to know

Allcott Commercial’s article on EPC requirements for commercial landlords has been published by the British Landlords Association.

Commercial EPC requirements have become more stringent over the past few years, with regulations introduced in April 2023 stipulating that in most cases, landlords’ commercial properties must have an EPC rating of E or better, otherwise they cannot be let.

The regulations apply to any privately-rented, non-domestic commercial building that is legally required to have an EPC; i.e. most commercial properties. Not only do most landlords need to have an EPC rating of E or higher to continue to let their properties, these requirements are set to become even more rigorous. Within the next four years, EPC ratings are expected to need to be C or higher, and B or higher by 2030.

There are several exceptions, such as in cases where consent cannot be obtained for making the necessary energy efficiency changes. There are also exemptions for certain building types, including properties that are temporary structures or that are planned for demolition. Our article covers these exclusions and how landlords can register exemptions.


Commercial EPC rating article snapshot

For landlords who need to improve their building’s EPC rating, there are fortunately many steps that they can take. EPC assessments focus on aspects such as a building’s construction, heating, lighting and ventilation, many of which can be improved. Lights can be upgraded to LEDs, and the use of timers and sensors further improves efficiency. Similarly, modern heating and HVAC systems substantially reduce energy use, as can modern hot water systems. Insulation can be upgraded; often, this is the most impactful change that landlords can make in terms of improving energy efficiency. For larger buildings, solar panels can be a wise investment, as can building management systems that maximise the efficience of the HVAC system in place.

For further information on EPC ratings and improving the energy efficience of your property, read our guide, call our expert team on 0333 202 6386 or request a quote.



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