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What is Planned Preventative Maintenance of a building?

Allcott Commercial’s guide to Planned Prevantative Maintenance has been published by BBP Media.

Our guide to planned preventative maintenance is now available through BBP Media’s Business Insights series.

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is an important tool for managing budgets and keeping properties in a good and safe state of repair.

Building surveyors play a key role in producing PPM schedules. They identify the repair and maintenance needs for each item within the demise of a building, along with estimated costs, but this is not the full extent of their role – a deeper level of insight is needed to fully tailor a PPM schedule to a particular business. Therefore, surveyors also work closely with property owners and managers to understand their needs and plan appropriate spends, and to consider the long-term structural and cost implications of different repair strategies.

For example, budget availability, or an inability to shut down for maintenance, may limit the works that can be done in a particular year. In such cases, surveyors can help devise the best plan of action by advising on how a delay will affect the ultimate cost of remedial works, and whether the disrepair is likely to cause consequential damage to another element of the building.


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PPM schedules are tailored to each client, but typically cover a 10–15 year period. The schedule will list each element of the building, describe its condition and grade it according to severity and urgency.

In addition to the schedule of works, a PPM report will usually include an overall property description, an executive summary, key points for discussion, health and safety issues and graphical representation of data to visually aid planning.


For further information on PPM surveys, read the guide, call our expert team on 0333 202 6386 or request a quote.



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